Waist training :Specials

To start waist training  we highly recommend our Day waist trainers. 
These waist trainers has 24 steel bones, flexi steel is used to provide movement.
These garments can not be used to gym or sleep in, pls see our sleep & gym waist trainers. CorsetSa downsizes your waist trainer for a small fee, so you don’t need to buy a new waist trainer every time you downsize!!!!!! Included in your order is a free step by step guide how to waist train. “DO THEY WORD?” Instant results when wearing your garment.... yes they do!!!
Waist train while you sleep!!!! These sleep waist trainers carries on the effect of waist training during the night. Sleep waist trainers are comfy to sleep in and made from breathable Spandex and lace. These Sleep waist trainers can also be downsize for a small fee.
Give your waist a ultra boost when you gym, working out will never be the same!!!! Latex Active gym waist trainers are available in black, cream, pink, purple & blue. These items can also be downsized for a small fee, so no need to buy a new one every time you downsize!!!

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