Help me choose the correct waist trainer


(Beginners & Advance Weight loss day trainer - Day trainers are shapewear and shapes your body immediate)

24-26 Steelbone brocade shaper, instant shaping, weight loss, posture correction. You can wear this trainer every day underneath your clothes. Instant shaping. Can be worn in conjunction with Latex Fatburners for extra booster, and sleep shaper during night. Comes in Beginners shaper and Advanced shaper.


Fat Burner Latex trainer: With or without sraps

Fat burner shapers, wear every day underneath your clothes, shapes & corrects posture, burns fat. Can be worn in conjunction with Day weithg loss beginners trainers, and sleep shaper for the night for a booster. Fat Burner Latex without straps: can be moved up or down. Fat Burner Latex with straps: cover back fat, adjustable straps


Super Charger Advance: With or without staps

Combination between the Day Weight loss trainer and latex fat burner. 26 Steelbone shaper. If you already waist train and need a booster, these items are amazing!!!!




 These gym trainers are made of thick latex outside and cotton inside. Gym trainers do have a supportive adjutable valcro belt for extra tightning and back support.  Trainers comes with 3 adjustable clip or a zip closure.  Single or double valcro belt (same effect) personal choice . Gym trainer with adjustable straps, covers back fat and support your bust. Trainers can be used for: Yoga, yogging, cycling, contact sports, golf, gym, pole dancing and much more... These gym trainers boost your workout / activity.  



We do recommend using your sleep shaper in conjunction with a day or gym trainer to get the best results. Sleep shapers wont hurt you when you use them at night, they do have 4 steelbones in and give you 24/7 waist training results. Sleep shapers comes with or without straps, we do recommend without straps if you have a very low tummy problem - this shaper can be moved up or down to cover lower tummy issues. The strap shaper cant be moved up or down.